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HD Intranet is a Czech internet service provider with its headquarters located in Trutnov. They provide a range of services, such as:Β 

  • Directly supplied optical fiber internet to your house;Β 
  • Congestion-free Wi-Fi;Β 
  • Contemporary IPTV;Β 
  • Internet telephony; and other services.

For residents of Trutnov and the surrounding area, internet is a dependable and reasonably priced Internet service provider.

A private network called the Intranet gives HD staff members access to a range of tools and data.Β 

Employees can use it as a useful tool to remain informed about corporate news, rules, and processes. Access to training materials, employee perks, and other practical resources are also made available.

What is an HD Intranet?

Employees of HD are the only ones with access to the exclusive HD Intranet. Employees have confidential access to company data and resources in a safe atmosphere.

Any computer with an internet connection can access the Intranet, which is housed on HD’s servers. The HD Intranet is also accessible to staff members via mobile devices.

How to access the HD Intranet

Employees can use their HD employee ID and password to check in to the Intranet.Β 

The following URL will take you to the HD Intranet: https://hd.com/intranet


The procedures for gaining access to the Intranet could change based on your particular company and network configuration.Β 

But the overall procedure is as follows:

  1. Verify that you possess the required credentials:

Accessing theΒ  Intranet requires having a working account and password. The IT staff at your company ought to have given you these credentials.


  1. Connect to the network:Β 

Verify that the network that gives you access to the Intranet is connected to your device. This could be a public Wi-Fi network with suitable access controls, a business network, or a VPN.

  1. Launch a browser:Β 

Open the web browser of your choice, such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.

  1. Go to the HD Intranet website:

Β Enter the correct URL for the Intranet in your browser’s address bar. The IT staff of your firm ought to have sent you this URL.

  1. Enter your credentials:Β 

If requested, provide the HD Intranet with your legitimate username and password.

  1. Access the HD Intranet:Β 

After correctly entering your login information, you ought to be able to access the HD Intranet. The internal resources on the intranet, including employee portals, company news, and collaboration tools, are now accessible to you.


Please get help from your organization’s IT department if you experience any difficulties using the HD Intranet, such as incorrect login credentials or issues with network connectivity. They’ll be able to diagnose the problem and offer more advice.

Employees will be sent to the HD Intranet homepage after logging in. Links to a range of information, such as company news, policies, and processes, can be found on the site. Access to training materials, employee perks, and other practical resources are also made available.

Β What are the benefits of using the HD Intranet?

For businesses of all kinds, an HD intranet with proper planning and execution might have a lot to offer. The following are some of the main benefits of utilizing an HD intranet:

1. Improved Collaboration and Communication: News, updates, and documents may be readily accessed and shared by staff members thanks to an HD intranet, which acts as a major center for corporate communication and information.Β  This promotes a workforce that is better informed and connected, which enhances decision-making and collaboration. Employees can easily access a range of company resources and information through the HD Intranet.Β  Employees can use this information to stay informed about corporate news, rules, and processes. Employees may also benefit from learning about corporate perks and training materials.

2. Streamlined Work Processes: From project task management and expense tracking to new hire onboarding, an HD intranet may expedite a variety of work processes. Β Employees can concentrate on more important and value-added tasks because of the automation’s time savings and decreased error rate. The HD Intranet can facilitate better staff communication.Β  Workers can exchange ideas and information with one another over the HD Intranet. Additionally, they can work together on projects via the HD Intranet.

3. Enhanced Productivity:Β  An HD intranet may greatly increase staff productivity by centralizing information and automating procedures. Employees spend less time looking for information or chasing down permissions when they can easily locate the resources they require. The HD Intranet has the potential to boost worker productivity.Β  The HD intranet gives staff members access to the data and tools they need to perform their duties more effectively.

4. Better Knowledge Sharing: Within the company, an HD intranet makes it easier for employees to share knowledge and skills. Best practices, training materials, and internal forums are readily available to staff members so they may keep informed about industry advancements and learn from their peers.

5. Increased Employee Engagement: By giving staff members a forum to exchange ideas, take part in conversations, and acknowledge accomplishments, an HD intranet may promote a more involved and cohesive team. Employee retention, contentment, and morale may all rise as a result.

6. Simplified Onboarding: By giving new hires quick access to corporate policies, processes, and resources, an HD intranet can expedite the onboarding process. This facilitates new hire onboarding and increases their sense of belonging within the company.

7. Less Email Overload: An HD intranet may drastically cut down on the amount of internal emails sent out, freeing up staff time and enhancing communication effectiveness. This is achieved by centralizing information and offering self-service choices.

8. Enhanced Brand Identity: By reinforcing the company’s brand identity and values through an HD intranet, staff members from all departments and locations will have a consistent and unified experience.

9. Better Cost Savings: An HD intranet can help the company save money overall by automating chores, optimizing workflows, and lowering its dependency on email. Investing in the HD Intranet might save expenses. For instance, the HD Intranet can assist in lowering the demand for printing and paper.Β 

10. Increased Scalability: An HD intranet can readily scale to suit a growing staff and increasing business needs, ensuring that it stays a valued tool for communication and collaboration as the organization grows. It can also help decrease the need for travel and training expenses.


All things considered, an HD intranet may be a very effective tool for raising employee & customer engagement, productivity, and communication within a company.Β 

An HD intranet may assist organizations in achieving their objectives and cultivating a more successful and connected workplace by acting as a primary point for information, resources, and interactions.

4 Key Features of the HD Intranet

Among the many important characteristics of the HD Intranet are:

  • Search feature: Employees can quickly locate the information they require on the HD Intranet by using the search feature.
  • News and announcements: An area of the HD Intranet dedicated to news and announcements gives staff members the most recent details about the business.
  • corporate policies and procedures: Employees have quick access to corporate rules and procedures through a section of the Intranet dedicated to them.
  • Benefits for employees: Information regarding benefits is available to employees via the HD Intranet’s employee benefits area.
  • Training resources: Employees can access training materials through the HD Intranet’s training resources area.
  • Collaboration tools: Staff members can exchange ideas and information by using the collaboration tools available on theΒ  Intranet.
5. How to Use the HD Intranet Effectively

Any firm can benefit from an efficient intranet, which acts as a primary center for information exchange, communication, and teamwork. You may make sure that the intranet of your company is being utilized to its fullest and most productive capacity by paying attention to these pointers.

  1. Ensure that navigating and using your intranet is simple.

Ensuring the ease of use of the intranet is the first step towards its efficient utilization. This entails speaking in simple terms, staying away from technical jargon, and having an organized and unambiguous navigation structure.Β 

Additionally, make sure that all devices desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones can access your intranet.


  1. Make sure the content on your intranet is current and pertinent.

The caliber of the material on an intranet is among its most critical components. Ensure that all of the content on your intranet is correct and pertinent to your staff and that it is updated on a regular basis with fresh material.Β 

It is advisable to motivate staff members to contribute original content, including blog entries, news stories, and project updates.

  1. Encourage cooperation and communication via your intranet.

An excellent tool for encouraging staff collaboration and communication is your intranet. It allows you to host online meetings, share data, and create discussion forums. Encourage staff members to interact with one another via your intranet by posting queries and ideas.

  1. Train staff members and educate them via your intranet.

A useful resource for staff education and training is your intranet. It can be used to record webinars, provide training materials, and build online courses. Encourage staff members to use the intranet to research new offerings in terms of goods, services, and protocols.

  1. Track staff engagement using your intranet.

Your intranet can be used to monitor usage trends and staff engagement. By using this data, you can make sure that your intranet is fulfilling the needs of your staff and pinpoint areas for improvement.

  1. Inform staff members about your intranet.

Ensure that the advantages of your intranet are known to your staff. Employee newsletters, intranet announcements, and emails can all be used to advertise your intranet.Β 

Additionally, you want to encourage staff members to provide you with input regarding your intranet and to share their experiences with it.

You may make sure that the intranet of your company is being utilized to its fullest and most productive capacity by paying attention to these pointers. An efficient intranet may lower costs and boost staff morale while also facilitating better communication, teamwork, and efficiency.

To use the HD Intranet effectively, employees & customers should follow these tips:
  • Save this link to the HD Intranet: To make it simple for you to access the HD Intranet from any computer, bookmark its URL.
  • Regularly check the HD Intranet: For news, updates, and other essential information, check the HD Intranet frequently.
  • Employ the search feature: To quickly and simply discover the information you need, use the search option.
  • Make use of the resources for collaboration: Share ideas and information with your coworkers by utilizing the collaboration tools.

How to use the HD Intranet effectively

A company can share resources and information on an intranet, which is a private network. It can be a useful tool for teamwork, productivity, and communication. To maximize its potential, it is crucial to utilize it efficiently.

Here are some pointers for making efficient use of the HD Intranet:

  1. Get acquainted with the intranet. Spend some time exploring the intranet and familiarizing yourself with its various features. This will make it easier and faster for you to locate the data and resources you require.
  2. Make use of the search option. When searching the intranet for information, the search feature can be a very useful tool. To get the greatest results when looking for information, use descriptive terms.
  3. Make a note of pages you visit often. Make sure to bookmark pages on the intranet that you frequently visit to facilitate quick access. In the long term, this will save you time and effort.
  4. Follow pertinent RSS feeds. Using RSS feeds to stay current on material related to your profession can be quite beneficial. To receive the most recent information and updates, subscribe to the feeds for the teams and departments you collaborate with.
  5. Take part in online debates and forums. Colleague connections and knowledge sharing can be facilitated by participating in online forums and discussions. Share your knowledge and take part in debates that are pertinent to your line of work.
  6. Share your work on the intranet. Sharing your work with coworkers over the intranet is highly recommended. This is a really effective approach to solicit input and teamwork.
  7. Learn new things by utilizing the intranet. One excellent resource for learning new things is the intranet. You might be able to pick up new abilities or information from the tutorials, articles, or videos available.
  8. Pay attention to proper internet behavior. Remember online etiquette when accessing the intranet. Respect other people by not posting anything inflammatory or disrespectful.
  9. Let others know about any issues you run into. Make sure you notify the proper authorities of any issues you have with the intranet. By doing this, you can make sure that everyone can access the intranet properly.

You may make the most of the HD Intranet and use it efficiently by paying attention to these pointers.

For employees & customers, the HD Intranet is a useful resource. It gives workers access to a range of tools and data that can improve their productivity, communication skills, and ability to stay current. You can make use of the HD Intranet by using the advice provided in this article.


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