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It’s crucial to manage to spend and accrue worthwhile benefits with a dependable and rewarding credit card in today’s cutthroat business environment. With its mix of business-focused features, cashback incentives, and an easy application process, the Hatch Business Credit Card is a compelling choice for entrepreneurs and small enterprises.

The Hatch Business Credit Card stands out in the crowded field of business cards because of its special features and advantages. This card, which is intended for independent contractors and small enterprises, provides an alluring blend of benefits, adaptability, and simplicity of use.

credit card

We’ll go into the specifics of the Hatch Business Credit Card in our in-depth study to assist you in determining if it’s the best option for your company.

Benefits and Cashback

One notable feature of the Hatch Business Credit Card is its extensive cashback rewards program. Every month, businesses that spend in their top 5 spending categories receive 5% cashback.Β 

These categories alternate every three months to correspond with typical business costs including software, office supplies, and travel. Businesses also receive 2% cashback on all other qualifying purchases.Β 

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In addition, With its extensive rewards program, the Hatch Business Card may help your company save costs and gain worthwhile benefits. 8% cashback is awarded to cardholders for routine business purchases, such as shipping, office supplies, and travel.Β 

You can exchange this cashback for travel rewards, cash back, or statement credits. In addition, after spending $5,000 on purchases within the first three months of opening an account, new cards will receive a $500 welcome bonus.

Credit Card


tip: Offering rewards, flexibility, and convenience of use, the Hatch company Card is a well-rounded company credit card. The Hatch BusinessΒ  Card is a credit card to take into consideration if you’re searching for anything that can assist your business in saving money and handling its finances better.

Features That Are Business-Friendly

The Hatch Business Credit Card offers features that improve operations and financial management, specifically designed to meet the needs of small enterprises. Among them are:

Real-time spending tracking

With the Hatch mobile app, businesses can keep an eye on their expenditures in real time, which helps them keep tabs on their finances and spot possible areas for savings.

Employee cards

Companies are able to assign spending obligations and efficiently monitor employee expenses by providing employee cards with spending limits and restrictions.

credit card

Fraud prevention

The card has strong fraud protection features, such as real-time fraud warnings and zero liability protection for unauthorized charges.

Procedure for Applications

The application procedure for the Hatch Business Credit Card is intended to be easy and uncomplicated. Companies have minutes to apply online and make a decision. Businesses usually need to have a good credit history and a minimum yearly income of $100,000 in order to qualify.

In addition, Your company must have generated at least $50,000 in revenue annually and been in existence for at least six months in order to be eligible for the Hatch Business Card. Additionally, your personal credit score must be at least 675. Filling out the application is simple and may be done online.

How to Use the Hatch Business Credit Card Effectively

  • Establish spending caps for staff members to assist you in keeping an eye on your costs and stopping unapproved expenditures.
  • Monitor spending in real-time: Make sure you’re remaining inside your budget by keeping a careful eye on your expenditures.
  • You can save time and simplify the process of monitoring your company’s finances by exporting transactions to accounting software.
  • Select the cashback redemption option that best fits your company’s needs, whether it be statement credits, cash back, or travel incentives.

Credit Card

Overall Evaluation

For small businesses looking for a flexible and rewarding credit card solution, the Hatch BusinessΒ  Card is a compelling choice. It is an appealing option for companies wishing to control costs and obtain worthwhile benefits because of its substantial cashback returns, business-focused features, and easy application process.

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The benefits and drawbacks of the Hatch Business Credit Card are outlined below


  • generous rewards program with money
  • Tracking expenses in real time
  • Cards for employees who have constraints and spending limits
  • strong fraud prevention
  • Easy and uncomplicated application procedure

All things considered, the Hatch Business Credit Card is a solid choice for independent contractors and small enterprises seeking a versatile and lucrative card. With its affordable rates, user-friendly features, and substantial cashback program, the Hatch Business Credit Card may help your company save money and handle its finances better.


A minimum of $100,000 in annual income is required for approval.

For tax considerations, cashback rewards are not considered business costs.

Credit Card


tip:The Hatch Business Credit Card is a credit card that small business owners should think about if they’re searching for something lucrative and conducive to doing business. It’s an excellent option for controlling spending and obtaining worthwhile rewards because of its cashback benefits, business-focused features, and simple application process.

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